Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hill of Allen

 Welcome to my new blog which deals with folklore, myth, psuedohistory and once in a while history associated with places in Ireland, from which we get the title Dindshenchas. Posts will be published towards the end of each month.

The Hill of Allen looms large in Irish folklore and literature as the base of Finn mac Cumhaill, he came into possession of the hill as it became compensation from his maternal grandfather, Tadg, for the death of Cumhaill. The Hill is said to be named after Almu, who was wife to Nuada, himself Tadg's father (the text I'm using doesn't identify her as Tadg's mother).
Fionn's father, Cumall, was killed at the battle of Cnucha (Castleknock), which was the result of his having taken Muirne without her father, Tadg's consent. Goll mac Morna then known as Aedh, is credited with killing Cumall but loses his eye in the battle with his forces.
It has been claimed that in the nineteenth century a giant body was found, during the construction of the tower (above) and it was claimed that these were the bones of Fionn.
The image of the tower was taken last year at heritage week, and according to the website it will be open to the public again this year from the 18th to the 26th of August.
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County Kildare Heritage  Hill of Allen
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